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The Puppy Essay

  • Submitted by: bazingzing
  • on June 4, 2014
  • Category: English
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Last week, Mr. Poh was walking his dog Damon by the bridge. It was a cloudy day, the weather was nice for walking dogs. Damon is a mischievous dog; he always seems to be interested in everything. On that day, something unexpected had happened. When Mr.Poh was walking, Damon started to bark to the river. Without hesitation, Mr. POh looked around to see what was Damon barking at. As he was looking, the dog’s () has slipped away from his hand. Damon ran into the water in the blink of an eye. Afterwards, Mr.Poh realized that there was a ball that looks alike Damon play toy and most probably that’s why Damon was attracted to it. Worse come to worst, Mr. Poh couldn’t do anything but screamed for help as he doesn’t how to swim and even if he does it would be really dangerous to swim in a river. Mr.Poh started to be really frighten and nervous as Damon seemed to be started struggling in the water. Fortunately, before Damon drowned, a policeman was patrolling the area and saw what happened. He therefore quickly brought a ladder and placed it along the canal. With the help of a stick, he successfully rescued Damon.
Mr.Poh was thankful that the policeman had safe Damon live, without him Damon could have drowned. Mr. Poh was so glad that he met a kind hearted policeman on the day. From that day onwards, Damon has also seemed to learn his lesson. He is now calmer and not easily distracted by things.

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