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The Seasons Dying Essay

  • Submitted by: deeeegirl
  • on February 27, 2014
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The Season’s Dying
by: by Eugene Ziller

Setting: Mostly took place at the diner, then moved along to the salesman’s car.

Plot: When the boy brings the gun out and aims it at the salesman.

Character: A young teenage boy. He lost his mother and his father is a drunk. He is neglected by his father and is practically all alone.

      To me, this story was really good. I didn’t get it at first, but once I started reading more it was getting easier and easier to understand. I really liked the twist in this story, when the boy brings out the gun; I wasn’t expecting that at all so it was very shocking to me. The setting in this story is at the diner, and then it moves along to the salesman’s car. At the diner the salesman bought the boy some food. The salesman then offers to give the boy a lift, because he feels sorry for the boy being all by himself. When the boy brought out the gun, the salesman wasn’t expecting that, he was really shocked and confused. I really liked how the author wrote out the character of the young boy. She made the readers feel sorry for him because he was all alone, but then he brings out the gun and you then get a different perspective of him. This was a really good story, I enjoyed reading it and wished there was more to it. I will definitely remember this story for my final.

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