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The Storm Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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In the present when the story takes place they are reliving that time when their fun was at its peak. This is what you would think the story was about if you didn’t read it very well. "The Storm" helps to define the sexual standards sexuality, as well as the view of sexual restraints in Chopin’s era.
The story begins to illustrate this sexual restraint of the time by using the title "The Storm." When thought of a storm comes to mind, you think of conflict and turmoil. The storm represents the sexual tension that builds throughout the story between Alcee ore with their son, Bibi. This waiting out of the storm shows that Bobinot also avoids the stormy passions that his wife is clearly capable of. After this, the reader is introduced to Calixta at their home, sewing and doing other household chores, unaware that the storm is coming. Airing out on the porch are her husband’s Sunday clothes. Finally, after Alcee and Calixta’s sexual encounter, the storm finally begins to pass and everything in the world seems renewed.(Par.III)
Kate Chopin uses many of Calixta’s actions in "The Storm" to show the sexual restraint of the time. One of the best examples of this occurs when Calixta is doing housework. Up until Alcee arrives at the house, Calixta is working with much vigor and fr aspects of her married life. This shows the sexual tension that she feels while around Alcee. (Par.II) (Par.IV)
After thier sexual encounter, the storm begins to depart. At this point, Calixta and Alcee are left with the aftermath of what they have done. Instead of regretting the act, Calixta and Alcee have a feeling of relief. In the last line of "The Storm" it saysd and everyone was happy". Calixta seems to get something more from the sexual encounter with Alcee current time period. The story is a good expression of sexual restraint in the Kate Chopin’s day in time.

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