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The Word Love Is an Abstract Noun Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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In Modern days the word Love is an abstract noun which means for some people it means unattached to anything sensible, nothing else. For other people, they feel that love is the reason they live to find. Desire is a verb defined as longing for something or someone. In accent Greek our modern word love has three categories, Eros (erotic love), Agape (spiritual love), and Philla (friendship or family). The Greek philosopher Plato created a Symposium and used it to show the perspectives on the nature of love the way he thought of it, Eros. People currently think platonic love means no intimacy is involved in the relationship between to people anymore; this was not what platonic love meant to Plato. The love Plato admired, more than other two, was when one man loved another because of their intellect or benefits, rather than because of his physical magnetisms. A love of the idea of beauty more than the bodily presence and love of a person is a reduced love to that of complete beauty, the ideal arrangement (Plato).
In the myth of Ovid’s version of “Orpheus and Eurydice” the roles of love is described and expressed as Eros love more than an Agape love. There is some form of love there for Eurydice from Orpheus, but what kind is the question. The story shows Eros when saying
“his longing eyes, impatient, backward cast”
“to catch a lovers look, but looked his last”
The lines show Orpheus’s infatuation for Eurydice (Ovid). In the myth, Orpheus was told not to look back at Eurydice till they arrived on the surface. Orpheus had to glance one time to ensure his wife beautiful face was behind him following him to earth. He never thought of Eurydice dying because his action until it was too late. If he was Agapes and her he would not have looked back because he would not risk a spiritual love’s life for only look. Instead, he would have kept his end of the bargain and waited until they reached the earth.
Plato’s Symposium and Ovid’s version of Orpheus and Eurydice be...

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