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The Worshiping of Buddha and God Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Buddhism and Sikhism both include a main purpose in worshiping. In Spite of the fact that one worships Buddha the other believes in God, both a Buddhist and a Sikh serves dedication and devotion to what they believe in. What worship means to them, where they worship, and the prayers both have differences and similarities but the general-purpose tights them together.

Buddhism and Sikhism have both similar and different attitudes to worship. For example, Buddhism and Sikhism both believe that it is essential to show sincerity and respect within worship. However, what the term “worship” means to a Buddhist and a Sikh is very different. Worship, for a Buddhist, revolves on truth, enlightenment and showing devotion and respect to the Buddha. It is centered around the Dhamma, the teaching of Buddha. In comparison, a Sikh is more focused on their one and only God. Because Sikhs don't see their God as being in abstract form, they don't use statues or images to worship him.   They score beliefs are about the 5 Ks (Kes, Kangha, Kara, Kachera, Kirpan), and the teaching of their religion-founder Guru Nanak. This is a major difference to the Buddhist religion, where many statues, images and symbols are used.
Despite the fact that both Buddhists and Sikhs worship is performed in different places, both of their acts of devotion to the faith are demonstrated within the places of worship in similar ways. Buddhists worship in the temple, whereas the worshipping in Sikhism takes part within a Gurdwara, which means the “Guru’s door.” The temple are the center of the Buddhist community, where devotion to the faith is shown though unified acts of worships such as making offering to the Buddha and chanting prayers. Similarly, Gurdwara is the center for the Sikhs community. They also use congregational prayers and acts to demonstrate devotion to their God.
The prayers within Buddhism and Sikhism are similar but they have their differences. Praying is both an important act of worship...

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