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Thomas Jefferson Essay

  • Submitted by: kylew12347
  • on February 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Kyle Wellendorff
Professor Debra Hays
English 300
14 February 2013

Land of the Free
1. Thesis: England has violated the primary and foremost responsibility of government, so the colonies are compelled to abolish King George's tyranny and declare a government of their own.
2. Summary: The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. The Declaration opens with a preamble of why they have chosen to become their own nation. It then explains the rights of all men and that if these rights are not acted upon, than it is the obligation of the people to overthrow the government. It states that governments should not be over thrown unless it is of dire importance. The King of Great Britain, has interfered with the right to self govern, a fair judicial system, has employed laws without the colonists' consent, and even took away their right to trade freely. The King in total had attempted 27 abuses against the colonies. He even went as far as waging war against them and sending British troops to the colonies. The colonists have tried reach a peaceful agreement several times to try and break away from his tyranny, but the King ignored them time after time. After many attempts, the colonists had decided that they had had enough and started to create a document to break free of the Kings tyranny and become their own nation. This nation will be known as the United States of America and will adhere to the rights of men.
3. Personal Response: I personally found this document to be extremely useful, because it states so much wrong that the King did that it almost serves as a lesson of all who read it of what not to do in the future so history doesn't repeat itself. Honestly, I had never read the document in its entirety. I had to read over certain parts several times to fully get an idea of the content. I know the King had many injustices, but I didn't know   the extent of his tyranny. Every time we, the colonists, tried to petition the King in a way...

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