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Three Internet Titans Essay

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Google, Microsoft, Apple

Google, Microsoft, Apple the three internet titans that are in an epic struggle to dominate the Internet marketplace. When we compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft each one of these Internet titans has something in their favor. When we look at Microsoft who dominates the PC desktop with Windows all the office tools, templates, word processor, spread sheets one could run their office with all the programs offered my Microsoft. Now Microsoft is trying to break into the search advertising market by joining up with Bing and expanding its dominance beyond the PC desktop and into the new mobile platform. Search advertising is where Google dominates the Internet search. Microsoft offering Bing has grown to about fifteen percent of the search market, and the rest basically belongs to Google. Then we bring in Apple who dominates as the leader in mobile software applications. Apple has several advantages in the battle for mobile supremacy. The IMac, iPod, iPad and the iPhone have all contributed to Apples huge success which was totaled well over sixty five billion dollars in 2010. Apple already offers approximately 500,000 applications for their devices and apple takes a thirty percent cut of all app sales. Google is acting quickly to enter the battle for mobile supremacy while they still can. Apple is reliant on sales of its devices to remain profitable. So far this has yet to be a problem, but now Apple has to contend with Google spreading its advertising networks onto these devices to make a profit. Not to mention Google also provides Android at no cost to smart phone manufactures, as well as making its biggest purchase in August 2011, buying Motorola Mobility Holdings for 12.5 billion dollars. Giving Google 17,000 patents and another 7,000 more in the making that will help the company defend Android from patent lawsuits, which competitors have brought down upon Apple.

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