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Timothy Winters Essay

  • Submitted by: SimonNay1
  • on June 5, 2014
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I am transforming a poem called Timothy Winters by Charles Causley into an article for a serious newspaper such as The Independent. The poem is written about a severely neglected buy and is a piece of social commentary on Britain. Britain is not a place where you expect things like hunger and poverty to occur compared to other places around the globe but it still happens and the fact that most people are oblivious to it makes it harder to escape. One line of the poem says that Timothy live in a house on Suez Street. Suez Street is a subtle reference to our great empire and Charles Causley is making comment that even though Britain has a vast and rich empire there is still child neglect happening in its home country.

The poem was written in the 60’s but I decided to bring my article into a more modern context while not mentioning the date. I aim to make my article timeless and therefore illustrate the fact that child neglect did happen and is still happening. I chose to make my article on a child death to make it particularly shocking and create a great emotional tie with the reader. When I report on this death I can explore various factors such as how the boy dies, who is to blame, why was this allowed to happen and what do we need to do to stop it happening again.

I took a lot of references from the poem and put them into my article such as wide eyes and bloody feet. I found the imagery very powerful in this poem and started using it in my article. After a first draft I realised that if I am a serious reporter for a newspaper such as The Independent I would not make it overly emotional and also that I wouldn’t need to because the content was so heart-rending. Once I changed it from the very emotional context of a poem to a serious article I found that they fitted my style whilst still keeping the power that they always had. I started writing my text and taking the view that nobody cared and that is why Timothy died. After looking at my first draft I realised...

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