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Tips to Succed at Tect Essay

  • Submitted by: hornys
  • on February 25, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Tips to Succed at Tect" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Time and place. in what ways do time and place matter in this work? To what extent does the period, and the setting, affect our understanding of the work? Are the character's action, their language, and the ideas that the writer explores through them principally shaped by the time they were written in? Is this different from the period the work is set in? To what extent does the work's location shape the characters' actions as well as our understanding of the work itself? Does the writer describe something that is localized, both in time and place, or is there a greater universality in what he or she is describing?
Easy and Difficult. What was easy to understand and what was difficult to understand in relation to the social and cultural context and issues? What were the major challenges you found in trying to understand works of literature which were outside you usual cultural and social experiences? Did these differences surprise you? What did you find relatively easy to grasp? Why? What did you discover about ambiguous or confusing passages or sections of the text? How did your research reveal varying critical interpretations of the text, specifically what was difficult to understand?
Connections. What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture and experience? What connections does the author have to his or her own work? What similarities did you discover between your own social and cultural context and the work you have been studying? How could you explain these? Were these connections specific to a particular perspective or idea or were they more universal in   scope? What similarities did you discover between the author and his or her text? Were these similarities intentional or indirect?
Technique. What aspects of technique are interesting in the work? What is it about the writer's style that has caught your attention? Is it the subject matter? The way the language is used? The characterization or plot? Other literary...

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