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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

  • Submitted by: LesleyR
  • on February 20, 2013
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to Mr Cunningham and the mob outside the jail where Tom Robinson is being held the night before his trial, she speaks to them with no understanding that they are there to lynch this black man. Fortunately, the members of the mob come to their senses when they realise a child’s point of view of the situation. The innocent language used shows their evil intensions are foolish. However, this realisation does not extend further in the book as white folk will “never give a black man a fair chance” in the court room.
Scout awakens to the cruelty of Maycomb towns’ folk when the white jury convict Tom Robinson, although her father Atticus, a lawyer proves beyond a doubt that he could not have committed the crime he is accused of. Her realisation comes when the gaps in her understanding of her world change. She used to think “there were only one kind of folks. Folks.” She had no knowledge that people should be treated differently based on the colour of their skin. This makes readers feel sympathy and empathy to the injustice shown to an innocent black man and wish for better tolerance among the community members. Scout is further shocked when she learns that Atticus knew this would happen. She appreciates that he still had to represent Tom because it was the right thing to do despite criticism from the town.
Another character, who does not possess the “disease’ of Maycomb, helps Scout to understand and develop better tolerance. Boo Radley, a marginalised character is considered to be a ‘malevolent phantom” by the town as he behaves differently. In fact, Boo not only give both her and her brother Jem small gifts he also makes an incredible feat that saves their lives. She originally thinks of Boo as someone to torment but learns that he really is a selfless honourable person who knows that young defenceless children need to be protected from malicious revengeful adults. She learns this while the town continues to believe that Boo is a crazed recluse.
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