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To Kill a Mockingbird Comparison Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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Below is an essay on "To Kill a Mockingbird Comparison" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

After the civil war ended, the United States of America was still being exposed to vast amounts of racism, while people continued to fight for equal rights and freedom. Slavery was officially over in 1865, but there was still no equality for the blacks. In place of having the Negroes enslaved, the former white slave owners and racists alike would instead continue to oppress them by further segregation and assault, while the white authorities turned a blind eye because they were often part of the problem. In society, they were viewed as second-class citizens; forced to use segregated areas of washrooms, entrances, restaurants, public transit, and recreational facilities; such as churches. It took nearly one hundred years for the black population to possess the same rights and freedoms the white citizens have always enjoyed. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the film “Mississippi Burning” directed by Alan Parker, both detail individual accounts of the black community’s suffering because of the prejudice and racist white community. It is evident in both the novel and film that racism blinds people from reality.

Consequently, racism is passed on to future generations as the children of racist parents absorb and respond to the racism in their environment. In, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout’s eight-year-old cousin Francis stated, “Grandma says it's bad enough he lets you all run wild, but now he's turned out a nigger-lover we'll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb again.” (Lee, p.83) Upon analysis, this shows that Francis refers to Atticus as a nigger-lover simply because he heard his grandmother use the term. He has no idea of the meaning or understanding of the word, but because of his prejudice and racist environment that he is exposed to he exhibits racist actions and behaviour. The continuous transfer of racist views from parent to child, and then most likely to the child’s children is evident in this particular scene. Furthermore,...

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