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To What Extent Is Natural Law the Best Approach to Decision Making? (10 Marks) Essay

  • Submitted by: Thorntonm
  • on February 21, 2014
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To what extent is Natural Law the best approach to Decision Making? (10 Marks)

Decision making is a process through which the individual ‘seeks a solution’ to a problem or a question. This subject can be subject to many influences such as religion, politics or societal. Natural order is one of these influences that can be present. Natural Moral law is an absolute ethical theory that states that there is natural order to the world we live in. It is believed that is order is established by some supernatural power. Natural Moral law originated in the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, especially that of Aristotle and Aquinas. This theory that is being tested to see if it is the best approach for decision making is not rooted in duty, or an externally imposed law; it is in our human nature and our search for genuine happiness and fulfillment (Eudomonia)
Natural Law is a universal law that can be applied to everyone, it is an absolute, eternal moral law discovered by reason. This law allows peoples fundamental human rights to be respected and protected.Individuals freedom from fear in life choices is also affected in a positive light by Natural law as if everyone follows natural moral law and the natural order from life then decision making is made less difficult as you would follow through your actions with what is morally right and rational.
A second way in which Natural law is the best approach for decision making is that with natural order you are given clear guidance through religion right or wrong, for example Euthanasia would not be supported by natural moral law, due to the fact that it is morally wrong and the action would be following teleology, which is not adopted by Natural law, deontology is.Deontology is the theory that people should follow a moral system that is based on duty. What is moral is what you have to do, its your duty. On the other hand, Teleology is concerned with using the means to reach an end, Euthanasia can be used an example of...

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