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Tok Essay: Natural Sciences

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In Greek mythology it was believed that lightning was a weapon of the Gods.   Now we understand it is a product of physical processes; thus science has encroached on territory that was not obviously (at the time) scientific.   Areas that appear to be non-scientific at the moment might be human behaviour, the arts, ethics, religion, emotion. But is there anything about these areas that makes them not open to scientific analysis in principle, or is it just that our science is not yet advanced enough?
Science is the study of fact, based on logic and experimental proof, however it has many flaws and neglects many theories due to its close-minded approach. As Albert Einstein once said “...that all our sciences, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - and yet the most precious thing we have” Stating that it may have flaws yet it is so brilliant and hard to beat. Certain aspects of todays world like human behaviour, the arts, ethics, religion, and emotion, are some factors that are loosely linked to the ideologies of science. However, they are often thought of as unscientific, and logically false.   Many people believe that there are no links between these subjects and natural sciences and that they are completely opposites, unrelated in anyway. Nonetheless, links between science and these topics can be found, even if science is not open to their theories, or they are incompatible with science.
Human behaviour is often linked to psychology, however there are many aspects from which it can be investigated, for example the biological level of analysis, the cognitive level of analysis and lastly the sociocultural level of analysis. However certain claims stating that it is just human behaviour may go against the scientific way of thought. Connections between human behaviour and science occur when it is examined through the biological level of analysis. This way we examine the chemistry of the brain and how the certain functions then result in certain behaviour...

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