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Tourism Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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Section A.

Wars & Political Unrest & Natural Disasters

  1. i.     M23 Rebellion – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

      ii.   Northern Mali Conflict

      iii.   S.A.R.S. – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

      iiii. Swine Flu – H1N1 (various different strands as it has evolved)

  2. i).   The M23 Rebellion (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) is an extension     of the Second Congo War. The March 23 Movement had signed a peace accord in return for the freedom of their comrades that had been imprisoned. However, April 4th 2012, in North Kivu on the eastern province of the DRC, up to 700 Tutsi soldiers mutinied against the government. From April – November 2012 the rebel group had taken control of several towns working their way south to and including Goma (for a brief time) and Sake. After mediations with the Uganda’s People Defence Force, M23 agreed to withdraw their troops from Goma. December 1st 2012   they did just that and returned to their positions before taking the town. It is estimated that the accumulative death toll over this period is at:16000.

      It is the rich mineral land of Congo for which blood is being shed. More commonly known as the 3T’s & Gold. Viz:

      - Tantalum: A metal ore used in the manufacturing of capacitors, electronics, laptops, cell phones etc…
  - Tin: Tins & Solder
  - Tungsten: Also a metal ore, used in the manufacturing of tools.
  - Gold: For jewelry as well as electronic components.

      Whoever controls the mining of these minerals, controls the wealth of the

Section A. Wars & Political Unrest & Natural Disasters continued

      2. ii). The Northern Mali Conflict is also rooted in earlier warrings for the Independence of Azawad from Mali. However, this conflict has spurned over into Islamist factions wanting Sharia Law imposed across Mali. A nomadic group of Arabs known as the MNLA (National Movement of the Liberation of...

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