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Toyota, the World's Number One Auto Maker Essay

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Toyota, the World’s Number One Auto Maker

Assignment 1
The article that I chose to expand upon is titled “Toyota is Again the World’s Biggest Auto Maker,” and it was printed in the January 29th issue of “The Wall Street Journal: Asia.”   It is important to not only be familiar with domestic business, but international business as well.
The theme of this article was Toyota’s incredibly high, and climbing, sales from 2012.   A special focus was also placed on how Toyota surpassed their American rivals, General Motors.   Last year Toyota had sales of 9.75 million vehicles.   This 23% growth in global sales was enough to put them ahead of General Motors whose sales were 9.29 million in 2012.   A bar graph included in the article illustrates the well matched rivalry between the two companies by displaying sales from the last five years.   Toyota first became the largest auto maker in 2008, and was able to hold the title for three years.   General Motors managed to out-sell Toyota in 2011 due to a decrease in Toyota’s sales as a result of the Beijing-Tokyo tensions, but Toyota reclaimed their number one position again in 2012.   However, other Japanese auto makers are not idly sitting by while Toyota posts record sales and growth.   Honda and Nissan are both working hard to improve sales.
Nissan and Honda are Japan’s second and third largest auto makers; they too have found success in 2012.   Nissan reported that they sold 4.94 million vehicles in 2012, which is a 5.8% increase from the previous year.   Honda posted sales of 3.84 million vehicles, which is remarkable growth of 19% from 2011.   Future sales may be negatively affected by the Beijing-Tokyo tensions, but it is difficult to say with certainty the exact magnitude.   Toyota no longer expects to meet their goal of selling 1 million vehicles in China as a result.   The auto industry in Japan is rapidly expanding and the explanation is clear.   Japanese auto makers offer affordable, reliable, safe...

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