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Turning to Crime Essay

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  • on June 1, 2014
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Describe Using Evidence any two influences that explain why a person turns to crime. (15)

There are various influences which may explain why a person tunes to crime, these influences may vary between a person’s upbringing, cognitive and biological make up.
A study that supports this theory may be Farringdon et al. He suggest that social factors experienced during a child life and upbringing are clearly associated with criminal behaviour. Within the study he was able to identify patterns of particular behaviour and social factors which later lead to participants becoming’ chronic offenders’, examples of this situation were, poor parenting, harsh discipline, family members who were currently or previously offenders, and the child’s poor performance in school and work. This ultimately outlines that the specific factors may be the cause of offending in adulthood due to lack of upbringing.
Sutherland also examines his theory which also agrees with social factors being the main influence to a person who turns to crime. His concept of differential association outlines that individuals are unable to invent criminal behaviour from themselves and instead learn this from others who partake in the act. Banduras study can also be linked to this explanation as it demonstrated that as a child if you are exposed to aggressive and violent acts you are more likely to repeat them as they Aare done by an adult, someone who has an impact on a minor’s life. This indicates that all behaviour is learned ain this way of copying what you have been exposed to and seen before.
A study which takes a different view to explain criminal behaviour would be Brunner et al as he believes that is based on biological factors. This study of one family from the Netherlands, identifies a system dysfunction within the body which is a gene mutation and affects the serotonin levels in five males of the family, and all of them seemed to demonstrate violent behaviours and ager. This support the theory...

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