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Twitter Analysis

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  • on June 2, 2014
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Predicting Retweeting Behavior Based on Autoregressive Moving Average Model
Zhilin Luo
1 2 1,2

, Yue Wang 2 , and Xintao Wu


Northwestern Polytechnic University, China University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA {zluo5,ywang91,xwu}@uncc.edu

Abstract. In this paper, we consider a fundamental social network issue that illustrates how information dynamically flows through a social media network. Inferring the number of times that a particular message posted by some specific user will be retweeted by his followers and predicting the number of readings of the posted message via various retweeting chains are central to understanding the underlying mechanism of the retweeting behaviors. Specifically we work on the Task 2 of the WISE 2012 Challenge, i.e., predicting retweet behaviors in the Sina Webo data set. We develop an approach based on the Autoregressive-Moving-Average (ARMA). In the approach, we treat retweeting activities of each original tweet as a time series where each value corresponds to the number of times that the original tweet is tweeted or the number of times of possible-view of the original tweet during that particular time period. For each tweet in the test data, our approach first identifies the most similar message from the training data based on the similarity between their time series values in the same length period as provided in the test tweet, fits the ARMA models over the whole time series of the identified message, and then applies the fitted model over the time series of the test tweet to predict future values. We report our prediction results and findings in this paper.



Retweeting is one of the most important features in microblogging sites such as Twitter and Sina Weibo and examining retweeting behavior has been an active research area recently [5–8]. The retweeting mechanism empowers users to spread their ideas beyond the reach of the original tweet’s followers. The process can be regarded as information...

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