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Type 1 Diabetes Essay

  • Submitted by: jldee95
  • on February 19, 2014
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Every person on this planet has been molded and made differently; I’ve been taught that since a wee age, because me, well I’m especially different from the majority of this world. Along with about 5% of the population, I am a Type 1 Diabetic. What does this entail, and how does it affect me in my everyday life? Simply said; I’m still figuring it out myself, even after almost 14 years of experience.
Diabetes is not this deteriorating disease that I think is going to kill me, such as cancer for example, but it’s more of a job. If I take care of myself I can live a perfectly healthy life. That statement right there is what gets to people though. They then begin to think, “Oh! Well then you’re fine! What do you have to worry about?” That’s when I realize it’s the “taking care of myself” that I struggle with. It gets extremely frustrating. I go through phases with my diabetes. When I was younger I felt special because I was different, along with all the extra attention at home and school. As I got older I got more and more independent and started doing things (diabetic related tasks) for myself. I had much more responsibility than any of my friends and I started to feel like that separated me. My parents were always there backing me up, but I began to feel the stress and toll of my diabetes somewhere around my freshman year of high school. Following this, my diabetes was turning into a psychological matter. I would cry and just be so overwhelmed that I would go crazy. My mom sent me to a therapist, which seemed unnecessary to me and ended up not being very effective. I was just told all the things I tell myself, and they’re all things I can’t fix, such as, “They’re certain things you must do that not everyone else has to do, but it all makes you a stronger person.” Then I began feeling trapped because there was no escape and I just wanted a single day to go by where I didn’t have to worry about testing my blood sugar and counting carbohydrates. As I get older I accept...

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