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Types of Driver Essay

  • Submitted by: rickstaff
  • on February 18, 2014
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After driving for many years, I’ve come to notice three main types of drivers. The three most common types of drivers I see are responsible drivers who help keep the flow of traffic moving, over-cautious drivers that cause traffic to be backed up, and reckless drivers that cause accidents. When asked most drivers usually describe themselves as the responsible or over-cautious driver, many of them truly believe they’re not the reckless type. Most of the time they don’t pay attention to these divisions or other drivers for that matter.
First, there are the responsible drivers who driver safely and obey traffic laws. These drivers are defensive when it comes to driving and are paying full attention to other drivers around them. They also refrain from letting their emotions get the better of them and don’t lash out at other drivers because of road rage. Responsible drivers obey the traffic laws such as stopping at cross walks, not speeding up for yellow lights, and stopping at red lights. My grandmother is one of the most responsible drivers I know. If a reckless driver is tailgating her she simply lets them pass or continues to drive like normal instead break checking the tailgater and gating mad like so many others do, which in turn makes them a reckless driver which can lead to a wreck.
Secondly there is the reckless driver who is far less safe and has little to no care about anyone else on the road but themselves. Reckless drivers speed everywhere they go even if they’re in no hurry, they’ll still get right on your bumper and tailgate you even if you obeying the speed limit like a responsible driver. In high school I saw a lot teenagers who just got their permit doing this type of driving, speeding, cutting in line, and tailgating through the school parking lot which often ended in the reckless driver causing an accident. Reckless drivers are a hazard to themselves and the other drivers around them because of their overly aggressive driving.
Lastly there is...

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