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U.S. Embrgo Essay

  • Submitted by: Radonda1
  • on June 3, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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United States Embargo against Cuba

Radonda R. Beauchamp Sr.


March 26 2013

Dr. Jake Golden

Even   though   many   feel   that   it’s   outdated   the   U.S.   embargo   against   Cuba   is   a direct   reflection   of   the   breakdown   in   intercultural   communication.   We   will   look   into   how   the   U.S. and   Cuba differ in   culture   patterns   and   how   communications   play a role   in each   one.   Touching   on   why   the   embargo   was   established   and   how   it’s   supposed   to   work . Choosing   an   intercultural   that   could   best   serve   this   and   describing   how   it   applies   to   this embargo.   While   also   looking   into   other   theories   that   may   help   resolve   the issues between these   countries.
Well   one   may   ask   how   these   two   countries   differ   in   culture.   With   Creole,                                                                                                               African,   and   Spanish   influences,   today's   Cuba   is   woven   with   rich   cultural   rhythms strongly rooted in their traditions. The Cuban colorful surroundings are evident in their dance, food, dress, and music.   It is   something   they   so   warmly   and   lovingly   share   with   the   many tourists   that   come   to   the   country   each   year   On   the   other   hand,   America   is   an immeasurably   diverse   nation,   overflowing   with   many   subcultures   and   religions   that makeup   a   wide   gamut   of   cultural   norms. The   diversity   makes   it   elusively   difficult   to determine   what   the   actual   cultural   dynamic   of   America   is.   Generalizations abound, but ultimately a culture's identity is rooted in the soul of the people the differences between the Cuban and American cultures are unambiguous.   Residing   in   Cuba   may   mean   going without   luxuries   that   many   Americans   take   for   granted;   nevertheless,   the   core   of happiness   is   not   built   on   what   we   accumulate   but   what   we   share.   Then we turn to the role communication plays in...

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  • Submitted by: Radonda1
  • on June 3, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 1,055 words
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