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Unit 10- Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Unit 10- Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Humans Rights Act 2000 is an act in the UK which incorporates certain rights and freedoms which are set out in the European Convention on Human Rights into the UK law.   Certain rights and freedoms such as: The right to education- Every human has the right to education, this is important as every human needs to be educated to help them succeed through life and help them through day to day tasks, The right to life- Every human has the right to live fairly and freely. The right to free and fair elections- This is important as everyone has a say that controls their country and makes decisions. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, this is right as people should be assertive and express their feelings. Protection from slavery and forced or compulsory labour, this rule prevents people from working under demand. The Human Rights Act 2000 is put into place to ensure that all humans have free, fair and equal rights, no matter who they are or their circumstances. All rules which come under the rules are important as they help safeguarding adults.
The right to live gives all adults the given right to live, therefore this law protects all adults. For example: if an adults wanted to end their life they would not get away with it, as the right to live law would not allow the adult to get away with this. This law also prosecute murderers for taking an adult’s right to live away. The right to education helps by giving every human a given right to have an education, for example: if an adult was not allowing their child to attend a school and not have education when the child wanted to and needed to, the child or another adult would be able to report them as they are not following the rights. The person who is not allowing the child go to school will be prosecuted.
The freedom of thought, conscience and religion helps to safeguard adults by allowing them to have their own thoughts, view and opinions without being abused by other adults. If other adults do abuse others...

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