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Unit 16 Essay

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unit 16 business
Human resource management in business
November 13, 2013
P1 P2 M1

Human resources
Human resources are the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities: our core skills are in building pan-European businesses and managing human resources
The department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of staff: director of human resources at the company
Internal Planning Factors

Are situation that has happen inside the business and how the organisation is changing itself to deal with new methods of working or the new demands being made on it, such as the introduction of the technology and a new Product?  
Organisational needs
  * Organisational needs are constantly changing and therefore the human resources (workforce) need to be able to get used to this. The requirement for products and the service will affect the number of the employees needed for that position.
  * The organisation needs to plan for these new product and a services and make changes to their workforce by reducing the workforce expansion.
Skills requirements
  * Determining skills of the current workforce is a key part of human resource planning as it allows the business to build up a profile of the training experience and qualifications that the employees already have. This is very important information if your business is capital or labour intensive.
Workforce profiles    
  * To produce a workforce profile means the business managers can see the types of employees that are working for them including details such as their age, gender, nationality and ability.
  * Knowing the age of the workforce is important as it can show whether there are possible retiring employees and it shows if the organisation is recruiting fairly.  
External planning factors
External planning factors influence the business...

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