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Unit 5 Essay

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Michael Urquhart
Physical Networking
Unit 5: Assignment 1: Cabling Factors and Tools Discussion
When performing a cable installation the type of jacket is one thing to take in consideration.   First you would need to know what type of jacket you need for your cable.   There are plenum, PVC/non-plenum, direct burial and riser.   A plenum cable is used in commercial work in office building where there are open air returns.   Integrators will use riser grade at the riser, and then switch to plenum in the plenum space.
Another thing to take into consideration when installing cable is flexibility.   You would need to know the type of install the cable is being going into.   You would have to consider rather or not everything is in a fixed position or not.   If you are installing somewhere where things are moved around without being disconnected you should use highly flexible cable.   Cables in this environment need to be flexible to meet those demands of mobility and also so that the wire does not get damaged from wear and tear over time and constant movement.  
A third thing to take into consideration when installing cable is Capacitance.   Cat 6 is not always better than Cat 5. If a video extender is made for Cat 5e, using Cat 6 may cause you a problem. The electrical properties are different, and the circuitry inside may not be able to reconcile the increased capacitance. You should confirm with the manufacturer before making a substitute in a Category cable.
A rubber ball would make a good makeshift tool because you can cut a hole into it and place wires through it.

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