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Unit 9 Assignment Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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Suggested paper structure:

Title page (first page)
Body of paper (6-8 pages, double-spaced)
Reference page (last page)
Select either scenario 1 or 2 for your paper and then write your essay to respond to the questions found below the scenario. Assume that you work for a child and family services agency in the family intervention division. Your job is to help families whose children are in state care to rejoin their parents in their home.

Scenario 1: James (23-year-old father of two children)

James comes to your office as part of his plan for family reintegration. A year ago, his two children ages 2 and 8 were taken from his home because he and the children’s mother were abusive to each other and to the children. Both he and the mother of the children have completed mandatory domestic violence counseling and parenting classes. He should be ready to have his children return home; however, you still have some concerns based on James’ past.

As a child, he was left with an aunt as an infant because his mother was incarcerated. He was the youngest of seven children in the home and was raised by the older children and various strangers who lived with them during his toddler years. He did not attend preschool until he was five years old and was already six years old when he entered kindergarten.

Family services visited his aunt’s house often while he was in elementary school because of reports of drug activity (his aunt and her friends used cocaine and marijuana) and abuse. James was often beaten by his aunt’s boyfriends for misbehaving. He did not trust adults and began to act out in middle school. He got into trouble in many of his classes as an early adolescent. He told his teachers that he was too stupid to be in school and was waiting till he turned 16 so he could drop out and get a job. His grades were too low for him to participate in sports, though he was one of the best athletes in his class.

During his adolescent years, James skipped school a...

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