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Village Essay

  • Submitted by: gabbygabz12
  • on February 27, 2014
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In a very small village of Wacuba located a tip of Trinidad & Tobago lived a very poor family but very rich in love and compassion. The village was always very hot and the people walked on their bare feet with the hot soil and sand intensely burning the soles of their feet, the village went months without rain and the villagers had to go far and wide to get a pale of water. The Robsinson family and their son Juanito was very loving and very compassionate. Early every morning one could hear the baraton but very feminine voice of Mrs. Robinson
    “Juanito get up, it’s time to go get water”
Many morning Juanito dread doing this because although having a very frail stature he was rather strong but getting up 4 every morning was no easy task, not for him, not for anyone, but nevertheless Juanito hurriedly got dressed and went down to fetch the pale of water, as he arrived back home there was always a warm glass of milk and a very hearty breakfast, even if it was only eggs, that they had gotten from their farm, or beans that they bought for 25 cents from Old Mr. Jackson that lived down the street. Years went by and this was Juanito’s daily routine as age went by he learnt to live with this routine. Mr. Robinson would always remind Juanito.
                        “I love you son”, and Juanito’s replied would be “I love you too pops”
Due to the fact that Mrs, Robinson was a native to the land she had more of a Caribbean type accent and would say
                    “I love yo child” and his reply would be a large warm smile and say “I love you momma”
Juanito always gave his mother undivided attention and even If he had to work other than in his house he made sure he had extra money to buy his mom sweets and chocolate to take back home after classes was over. One day coming home from work he notices pops crouched down in one of the sofa’s that they had just bought he questioned pops
                      “What’s wrong,” he questioned
His dad just looked up...

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