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Violent Video Games Essay

  • Submitted by: woodbrandon305
  • on February 20, 2013
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Violent Video Games and Today’s Youth
Video games including (that include) violence and gore have become a mainstream form of entertainment in today’s technology-addicted world. Our youth no longer play outside with a ball or ride their bike (sports outside or ride their bikes), now they would (much) rather sit inside all day glued to a television or computer screen. So what exactly are the effects of these violent video games on school age children? It has been proven in many cases that these video games negatively impact our youth. I have personal experience with this, being as I have an eleven year old stepson who has shown what inappropriate video games can do to a child. (Having an eleven year old stepson, I have seen firsthand the negative impact these video games can have on a preadolescent.)
When my stepson’s father and I first met, he was a good kid; he was very polite and even-tempered. However, as time went on, my stepson started to play more and more hours of video games.(When I first met my stepson, he was very polite and even tempered. As time went on, he started playing more and more video games for hours on end.) I did not step in and limit his video game time, (but I wish now that I would have.) despite how much I would have liked to, and it got to the point where he was playing videogames for multiple hours on end. Just from sitting and observing him for those few hours while playing, I could see his anger and impatience grow. He soon began to yell at the television and kick his feet every so often and then started to lash out by throwing his controller and screaming. His temper escalated quickly and steadily as he played the combat-like video games. After multiple hours (long periods) of playing, his temper and agitation still remained long after the game was over. I have witnessed (It is obvious) that his excessive playing of violent video games has led to (is the cause of) his temper and frustration. This bad behavior has leaked into every...

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