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Volkswagen in Indian Essay

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Volkswagen in India


As one of the most famous automakers in the world, Volkswagen group targeted Indian market as a great opportunity to increase its global brand awareness and growth.   After the company introduced Skoda and Audi in India, Volkswagen was also selected to enter the Indian market as a worthy brand aimed at a different target audience.   Clearly, VW had to differentiate itself from the clutter of auto brands to gain the Indian market share, but it is a challenge to convert the brand perception of Indian consumers.   By hiring Doyle Dane Bernabach (DDB) Mudra to run the advertising and campaigns, VW successfully took the first step toward winning the Indian market, yet its marketing strategy still faces deficiencies.

  * Products of high quality
  * Strong core values of brand (Innovative, Valuable and Responsible)
  * Different models target different segments
  * Understanding of Indian consumers’ insights
  * Lower brand recognition in Indian
  * Lack of auto services (fewer dealers)
  * Limited advertising budget
  * Growing India automobile industry
  * Increased fierce competition
  * Over rated Skoda’s brand perception in Indian
  * Fast-paced introducing of new models

Issues & Suggestions
Since VW in India has to transition from launch stage to growth stage, building brand reorganization is no longer the only main object for the team.   As we look back, there are some issues that VW need to reconsider to improve the marketing strategy.

  * Create more integrated advertising and campaigns
DDB Mudra tried to create consistent messages across different VW models, while announced each one had a significant innovative trait.   The creative ads were fresh and attractive, but the media vehicles they used were too simple for an integrated marketing.   For example, Times of India was repeatedly used as an advertising medium for most of VW’s models....

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