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Voting Essay

  • Submitted by: MissMom12
  • on February 21, 2013
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The process of electing the president needs to have some change. The popular vote needs to have a higher importance in the outcome. The Electoral College system is the current way to decide the president. Each state has a number of votes equal to the number and combined senators and representatives. For all states, except Maine and Nebraska, the popular votes of the state are added up and the candidate with the majority of votes receives all the electoral votes for that state. This equals 538 votes available. To win the presidency, the candidate must receive a majority of votes which is 270. If the Electoral College is unable to vote a majority the election is turned over to the House of Representatives.
Getting rid of the Electoral College would cause a large amount of problems if there were a need for recounts. With the current process if there are any questions recounts are limited to a small number, a state or two. This can still take a long time. If this process needed to be carried out across all states it could take quite a lot longer. Also in question would be how to carry on in the interim. If the recount takes longer than time between election and inauguration there would need to be a process for how to run things in the absence of a president.
Using the Electoral College takes a chance that the candidate who receives the majority of the popular vote will not necessarily receive the electoral vote. This takes away from a democratic system. “Democracy is a form of government in which most people can effectively participate”, (Wasserman, p. 7). If the popular vote opposes the electoral vote the most people are not able to participate. This system opens it up to political parties to play a larger role.
In a democracy the popular vote needs to be more important. The Electoral College needs to be reformed to better reflect the popular vote. If there is a difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote, the popular vote should outweigh the...

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