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Wasted Tax Dollars Essay

  • Submitted by: jiderjos
  • on February 21, 2013
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Wasted Tax Dollars
James R. Hancock
Senior Seminar
Dr. Reynolds

Statement of the Problem
The problem this paper is going to identify and give insight into is the problem of the United States of America’s Government wasting the tax payer’s money on the needless spending of tax dollars on rounding up illegal immigrants. Although border security is very necessary, there are ways to reduce the amount of wasted time and money protecting them. A portion of the illegal immigrants that are rounded up each year are only trying to find work in the USA. There is a percentage crossing for illegal activities in which building a border fence could help cut down this activity. If a better work visa system was implemented, then the time wasted rounding up the working class of immigrants could be used on finding the ones crossing for other illegal activities. The Government could cut down on needless money transporting, housing, feeding, guarding, and processing the working group. There is a large number of illegals in are prison systems. There is also a large percent of Illegal Immigrants that are on welfare.
Literature Review
It is estimated that one third of all immigrants, which comes out to approximately 11.9 million individuals are in the United States illegally, the majority of these illegal immigrants are coming out of the country of Mexico (How Many Illegal Immigrants, 2011). These numbers are up from five million in 1996 and 8.4 million in 2000. The U.S. Border Patrol reports that 97 percent of illegal border crossers enter the United States through Mexico (West, 2011).   There are over 1 million illegals crossing the border every year. Of these about 45% (Dade, 2012) of them are only looking for work to feed their Families, and are not engaging in illegal activities accept the illegal crossing of the border. If the Government would open up and revise the work visa system to let more workers in then there would be less people trying to cross over...

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