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Ways to Beat Crime in the Cities. Essay

  • Submitted by: svetasakovets
  • on June 4, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ways to beat crime in the cities.
Any city has a great number of problems. The crime rate in most big cities is very high. Houses are burgled, people are afraid of going out at night. All this, of course, exists in small towns, but not in such awful extend. But how can we beat crimes in the cities?
  * We can keep our finger on the pulse of our community by building relationships with family, neighbors or employees of local businesses. In many respects, citizens are more effectively prepared to combat crime than officials.
  * Communication is key to the process of crime prevention. Law enforcement officials should be encouraged to create proactive response programs. By permitting citizens easy access to crime reports, officials can increase opportunities for volunteer collaboration in reducing the crime rate.
  * Stiff penalties, such as capital punishment, are a deterrent for many criminals. Such punishments will deter other criminals from engaging in similar behavior.
  * Higher fines and drastic measures of punishment can help to beat traffic violation. For example, if a driver understands, that if he drives in a drunken state, they will be taken driving license not for 3 years, but for 10, they will think carefully.
  * All key municipal entities must play a role in cutting crime and violence. Schools, businesses, municipal government and social services must all work together.
  * Cities need to have clear data on what the problems are, where they are and what's causing them. They need to know what's working and what isn't in order to use resources effectively.
Leadership; working together; identifying problems and then attacking them- these are the factors that we witness every day in projects and communities throughout different countries. They produce positive changes in many countries around the world.

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