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Week 3 Assignments Essay

  • Submitted by: Melont1984
  • on June 6, 2014
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1. Distinguish between operant conditioning, observational learning, and social learning. How are these different kinds of learning utilized in the work place? Give specific examples for each one.
Operant conditioning is learning through voluntary responses and its consequences. When a specific behavior is shown and from every behavior there are consequences. For example when I was in elementary school we would get stickers for not talking in class. So NO talking equals getting stickers and at the end of the week we can trade the stickers in for something special.
Observational learning is the process of learning by watching others. For example with my child, he does what I do so if I say a bad word so will he and if I eat my vegetables he will do the same.
Social learning is also learning by watching others but on the emotional side. For example at work if someone keeps calling for help and I notice my coworkers getting upset at it I might end up getting upset also.
  2. How is prejudice developed and nurtured through classical and operant conditioning? Give specific examples that demonstrate each kind of learning.
Prejudice is learned when a negative attitude is directed towards a specific type of person solely because of their role in a certain group. Prejudice is developed and nurtured through classical and operant conditioning from three elements which are affective ( emotions about the group) behavioral( negative actions toward the group) and cognitive ( stereotypical beliefs about the group). People learn prejudice the same way they learn the same way they learn through classical and operant conditioning. For example repeated exposure to stereotypical portrays of Muslims no matter what country they are from teaches children that Muslims are bad people. Similarly hearing other people express their prejudices also reinforces prejudice.
  3. You are scheduled to present the results of your work on creating a new software program for your company. What...

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