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Weight Control Essay

  • Submitted by: Carolynchaplin1
  • on June 4, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Set points and settling points in relation to weight control.
Carolyn Chaplin
PSY/240: Diane Pascoe
University of Phoenix

Set points and settling points in relation to weight control.
Set point is seemingly considered by most people to be a fundamental principle. Set point is when your heredity from back at the moment of birth, determine your set point.   A person’s set point is the state which the body feels comfortable.   Over the long term, excess food and insufficient exercise will override your body's natural tendency to stay at its set point and lead to a higher, less healthy set point. When you go below your body’s natural set point, your metabolism will react and start to slow down to try and conserve energy to reside at its set point.   This theory is biology and the body will control the set point by changing the metabolism to reach set point.
“According to the settling-point model, body weight remains stable as long as there are no long-term changes in the factors that influence it; and if there are such changes, their impact is limited by negative feedback.”(Pinel. 2011) Weight loss and gain in most humans are more related to the patterns of diet and physical activity that people “settle” into as habits based on the interaction of environment. People may gain or lose weight, however once back in their normal environment the weight loss/gain returns.
I will agree with the settling-point because our environment puts a huge impact on our health. If a person lives in the wilderness, and has to hunt for their food, the body will regulate and settle for what is available. If a person stay at home and has access to large amounts of food, and bad eating habits, one’s body will settle and believe this style is correct and this will be the set point.

Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). Biopsychology (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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