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What Is Art Essay

  • Submitted by: dqd921110
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Art is the expression of human’s creative and imagination, it can be everything. It’s hard to define, but I know when a product can let people to be appreciated, it can be art. Such as picture, painting, music, movies, TV show, theater, literatures. All creation can be Art. Creator express his thought on this works, need other people to feel and appreciate his thoughts. Can makes you connection to other things. A movie can makes you thought about your life value, a music can makes you feel peace, A painting can makes you imagining a person.
I’m not good at appreciate music, but I like music. Some music can make me peace and some music can make me exciting. I’m good at technology, like computer, cellphone or any electronic device, I’m an apple fan, when 2009 iPhone4 was released, astounded the world. I would say, that’s an amazing art for me. And also I love play basketball, so I always hang a NBA stars poster on my wall, even I don’t know what connection between a poster and art, but the Jordan’s Poster gave me energy.
For respond a work of art, I don’t really know how to feel the creator’s thought, but mostly their works can make me think other, when I listening a music first time, I will imagining what’s the singer looks like just depend his/her sounds. A good singer can bring listener to another zone, also a good cartoonist can bring you to his cartoon world when you reading his cartoon.

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