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What Is Cool? Essay

  • Submitted by: Emmanuel23
  • on February 19, 2014
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Below is an essay on "What Is Cool?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As time goes on the question of what's cool and what's not is always changing, something may be cool today and not tomorrow, but also something might not be cool today and then cool tomorrow. These range from various things from clothing to electronics,and media but the highly influential candidates for what's cool and what's not, are teenagers. After watching the film “The Merchants of Cool” it reveal the strategies that companies use to sell their product and get the youth and teenagers to watch their programs. One technique was advertising the product in a different way to make it more attractive. Another by going to the consumer themselves and finding out what they want directly. Also try to watch their audience and have them watch themselves.
Marketers are always trying new strategies to get more customers instead of them changing the product they change the way they present it to the public. For reference within the film it stated that sprite the company tried selling their product by trying to relate to their audience, thru using hip hop collaborating with different artist trying to show their customers that they understand them and their culture. This is significant because it shows that marketers can still sell a certain product that may not have selling as how they desired by just advertising the same product in a different manner to their viewers. In addition one sprite representative said, “They all of a sudden put their arm around that kid that was drinking sprite saying that we understand you, we recognize you.” Which is an essential key in keeping customers, making them feel good and accepted.
Teenagers are always changing and their trend of things that are cool are also changing, and for marketers to keep up they have to also change with them and adapt to their nature. For example Todd Cunningham the MTV Sr. VP of Brand strategy and planning, has a retinue of an ethnography study. Where by they carefully analyze and chose a average teens and...

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