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What Is Hypnosis Essay

  • Submitted by: daleangel
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 329 words

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Blessed as ONE

ONENESS..... I have heard a lot of people talking about oneness lately. I love the world I really do!! I feel the meaning. The deep core which is everything!! I believe that oneness is everything. We are connecting to all what is living all what is creation. All what is God. I take a deep breath. I call it the breath of divine . In through the nose and out through the mouth. I feel my ONENESS at this point I feel my connection to the divine magic which surrounds us all. There is nothing separate. We are all part of one consciousness. We are brothers & sisters of the   light. Whether you wish to believe it or not. Each person has free will and those choices are completely up to them. What ever stage you are at. SO BE IT. That is the stage you are meant to be at. There is no right or no wrongs. Everything is how it should be. Sometimes I feel like...could I be doing something more to honer myself and creation??   do what you feels best for you. Don't try to become someone else but your unique self. Each person has something special and different. That healer you may be watching on the internet   can do all these (magical things)   and I can't do this yet. You can. You will if you need to. Your ego will like to try talk you out of doing what is best for your true self and tell you that you can't do this. Take a deep breath. Realise how powerful you are. You're a spark of true divine beauty!! your blessing and presence can be seen and heard from heaven. Keep up the good work . Your timing is perfect. We are in this together. Together. AS brothers & sisters & members of the light. I send you angelic bliss & blessings. Thank you.

Love & Angel light

Dale   x

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