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What Is Justice? Essay

  • Submitted by: bwieger
  • on February 22, 2013
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How should justice be served?

Justice is one of the great questions to humanity. What is fair? Why me? How much is too much? These are all questions related to justice. Perhaps, we should start at the first point: what is the goal of justice? I chose the goal and not the definition because the definition varies by a considerable amount, particularly in application. The goal of justice is to further the success of the human race through the means of hindrance to parties that impede the success of the human race.
First, for the human race to experience success there must be the following: an abundance of humans (this assumes that the population of the human species directly relates to the success of the human race), and all humans in a mindset free of preoccupation (in this case I am referring to the obsession with revenge). Assuming there are no epidemics or sudden decrease of health, the first is rather easy to accomplish by keeping all humans in the population to reproduce. The second is harder, but if the teaching in school change from a Lady Gaga ‘Baby, I was born this way’ style to a human is merely an advanced biological machine that can be changed through certain processes, then there would be a way.
Justice currently involves an incredible amount of removal of individuals from the reproducing populace, usually by life sentences or capital punishment. Both of these facets of the current justice system blatantly reject the goals of justice. Let’s stop to think about a story. There is a woman who is walking. A man comes out of a bush and attacks her with a knife and kills her. There is no provocation or motive. Cold-blooded murder. No reason. The man, in most people’s idea of justice, should at least serve a significant time in jail if not be sent to death row. Now compare it to this story. A woman is walking in a greenhouse. One of the glass skylights above clasps and kills her. Poor design. So none of you believe the engineer or builder should be held...

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