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What Isn't Perfect About Maldives Essay

  • Submitted by: Aishathinash
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 618 words

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Aishath Inash

What Isn’t Perfect about Male’?
As we live in with our day today lives, we find a lot of problems causing us in Male’. And those problems become very difficult for us to do our work. Because Male’ is a large city with all the facilities available here. As I asked some people about the problems they are facing living in Male’, the most people said they are not comfortable living in Male’ because of the over loaded population in Male’. I agree with that, because I am a citizen of Male’ and I can see that the population is really getting high. According to Department of National Planning, in 2006 the population was 298,968 and now Research shows that up to July 2012 population of Maldives is 394,451. And I think ¾ of this amount lives in male. So if this increases in the future it will surely leads to a huge problem to people living here.
Let me look for some other problems causing to people living in Male’. High rent for apartments are one of the major problem causing to people. As everyone won’t have their own house to live in Male’, citizens of Male’ and government provided apartments, housing flats such as Sinamale, to live for people who wants to live in Male’. As people are increasing and the prices are rising, the rents for the apartments are getting very high. Many people from other islands come to Male’ for medical purposes or for education and the hardest thing they have to do is finding a one room apartment for a small rent. If this continues how can people survive living in male’ paying high rent and other expenses.
Second major problem I find is the over loaded vehicles in Male’. If we check the number of vehicles registered I’m sure it will be close to half or more of the total population of Maldives. I think limiting the number of vehicle for one person will be a solution for this. There are vehicles which are registered under one person’s name. Because of too many vehicles all the roads are always jammed and it...

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