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What We Gained from the Industral Revolution Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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What we gained from the Industrial Revolution
Many of what we know and use today have been created when we were not even alive. All the resources we use today started from something in during the past. The Industrial Revolution has made so many helpful recourses that we did not even recognize. We live life so carelessly and free, but we do not even know where most of the possessions that we use today we actually started in the past. During the industrial revolution there were growths in the manufacturing industries, iron making, and the making of better transportation. All of these inventions seemed to spread over the world and make for a more efficient world.

Back in the 1800’s all of the crops over the world were picked, sorted, and cleaned by regular untrained people. A very important machine that helped with agriculture and planning was the seed drill. The seed drill was created by Jethro Tull and it was pulled by a horse to help with seed plowing.   Tull thought that by scattering seeds across the land was “wasteful”, so he created this drill so it would sow seeds in a straight row and put as many seeds as possible in the row.

Not only crops took a lot of time to prepare, items such as cloth or cotton took a while to make. A big helper in the clothing industry was the Cotton Gin which was made by Eli Whitney. The Cotton Gin was used to separate cottonseed from the cotton fibers. Without that valuable piece of machinery, many men and women would sit around for hours to separate the cotton seeds form the cotton fibers. Elias Howe and Isaac Singer both helped with making the first sewing machine. Animal bones were used to make the first sewing needs ever and the thread was made from animal tendons. The iron needles were made centuries after the bone needles were made. Singer mad the first sewing machine where it was commercialized and mad the first one where the needle went up and down instead of side to side. Howe was the inventor of the very first sewing...

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