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When and Why Did Hitler Decide to Invade the Soviet Union? Essay

  • Submitted by: RWilshaw92
  • on February 21, 2013
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Below is an essay on "When and Why Did Hitler Decide to Invade the Soviet Union?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

On the 22nd June 1941 ordered the start of Operation Barbarossa, An operation that around 3.9 million German troops would be committed and was arguably the beginning of the end of the Third Reich’s worldwide conquest. With hindsight it is easy to suggest that Russia would have always proven a target too overwhelming to tackle considering the constraints of the German military, Economy and more importantly logistical supply line. There are debatable points then as to why Hitler decided to invade such a difficult target, whether it was an act of opportunism or whether the ideological urge and hatred ran so deep he was forced invade at any opening. Both realisations as to why have points supporting it and the probably answer was most likely a mix of both. The question as to when Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union comes under similar causes. Some argue that Hitler’s decision came as part of his ‘Final Solution’ package whereas others suggest the USSR was simply the next viable target to further his territorial conquest once it had been decided that Britain would be an unrealistic option.
A policy that was central to Nazi rule and its manifesto was that of Lebensraum. The policy itself was to invade other lands to create ‘Living space’ for the people of Germany. It was this policy that Hitler used to justify most of his foreign conquest and it was declared in the official German WW2 history that Lebensraum was the first priority of the Third Reich . The lands that Hitler decided would be acquired firstly for this policy was that of the Soviet Union. He saw the land as rich in resources and agricultural possibility. It is also important to note that Hitler believed the land was occupied by Slavic ‘Sub humans’ who he decided it would be impossible to Germanise. The land would be turned into an agricultural breadbasket to feed the German people now that sea trade had been blockaded by the British in the Atlantic. “He himself is no element of organization, but a...

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