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Who Killed Jfk Essay

  • Submitted by: rosebowland
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: History
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Assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Who killed JFK? using sources, evaluate the possible motive and opportunity for three different individuals/groups. (1200 words)
By Rose Bowland

The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy occurred in November of 1963 but the evidence still continues to confuse historians and investigators. Lee Harvey Oswald's motive was apparent but not the best and his opportunity was also very limited. Other suspects include the Mafia and Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose motives were sufficient and strong and their opportunity was ample. JFK's assassination was carried out by the mafia, organised by Lyndon Baines Johnson, and the blame was placed on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Amidst the many suspects Lee Harvey Oswald had weak and limited motives to kill president Kennedy. Oswald had strong communist tendencies proclaiming himself a "Marxist" in an interview with a woman reporter named Aline Mosby in the city of Moscow in 1959 and formed a 'Fair Play For Cuba Committee' and handed out flyers showing that he really was for Cuba and against Kennedy. Along with being a self announced communist, Oswald was mentally unstable and was submitted into a youth house from april to may 1953 for psychiatric observation because of frequent truancy from school and a short temper exposing that he had the state of mind to be able to murder someone. Oswald had a history of political assassinations, he had attempted to murder General walker on 10 April 1963 but did not succeed. During his lifetime Oswald made it clear that he wanted to have a prodigious impact on the world and assassinating the president of the United States of America is one sure fire way to be noticed internationally.Taken together the evidence from above, Lee Harvey Oswald had a weak motive but enough for people to believe he had done it like the Johnson wanted.

Lee Harvey Oswald had little opportunity. Oswald was indeed at the Texas school book depository about two minutes after as he was...

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