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Why Did Pitt Stay in Power for so Long? Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Why Did Pitt Stay in Power for so Long?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Why Did Pitt Stay In Power For So Long?

There were many reasons why Pitt stayed in power for so long.   By far the most important factor was the support Pitt got from George III. This is because the King could influence politics directly. Therefore Pitt would not be able to be Prime Minister. In this time it was impossible to lose an election because the Kings’ support or lack of support determined who was in power. Kings could control what governments were in power regardless of the election result. The elections were only there to confirm the Kings’ decision. This also means that a party could be dismissed at anytime the King wanted.   No government ever lost an election as the King dismissed all the governments. This all meant that Pitt could stay in power because the King allowed it. Also, the fact that Pitt was only dismissed because the had a disagreement over Ireland in 1801 shows that the King had absolute power in controlling who was in power. The support of George III was the most important factor when considering how Pitt stayed in power so long because the King had this sort of power. However another factor that made sure that Pitt would stay in power in a long time was his relationship with George III. Though they were not close personally they were effective working partners. This combined with the Kings ability to appoint and dismiss MP’s whenever he wants made Pitt stay in power for long. This is no more evident than in 1801 when they have a disagreement and the King dismisses Pitt.
Although the support from the King is arguably the most important factor to Pitt’s success there were many other reasons as well. One of these factors is the Patronage System. The Patronage System was about jobs. Patronage was the Kings ability to appoint public officials and to dispense other government favours. This was another way in which the King could influence politics. This system also let the King control offices, jobs, pensions, places, promotions, posts,...

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