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Why Did the Romanov Dynasty End? Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Why did the Romanov Dynasty End?

The Romanov’s ruled Russia for approximately three hundred years, Tsar Nicholas was appointed to the throne in 1984 and although having worthy intentions, he was seen to acquire poor leadership skills and have a determination to continue ruling Russia under an autocracy. When faced with the turn of the century and the desire for change, such as industrialisation and the Russian society’s growing want for land reform, as well as Russia being defeated in WW1, the dynasty suffered and went into decline, this enabled alternatives to autocracy and key groups and individuals such as the Bolsheviks to seize power.

Tsar Nicholas II was appointed to the throne in 1984, the Russians saw Nicholas as their ‘little father’ meaning that God had chosen him to rule the country. The Tsar was inexperienced and unprepared when he was anointed to the throne due to his father’s sudden death, his poor leadership skills were tested in the early 1900’s when poor harvests, intensified poverty, poor living conditions and an embarrassing defeat in war with Japan in 1904 resulted in Bloody Sunday in 1905, this is where Russian peasants wanted civil liberties, better working conditions and poverty alleviated by introducing income tax. When the 150, 000 civilians marched to meet the Tsar and reason with him, the soldiers fired upon them-the march was misinterpreted as an act of evil and a rebellion against the Tsar. Nicholas had a determination to always rule under an autocracy, he was intransigent and was fixed to the same beliefs, it was his reluctance to change that lead to Bloody Sunday. The Tsar was heavily influenced by a man named Rasputin, who was brought in as a ‘staretz’ or a holy man in order to help the Tsar’s only son, Alexis, who suffered from hemophilia. Rasputin and Tsarina Alexandra became quite close, and as Rasputin began to intervene with military matters, the generals were becoming increasingly annoyed, when Russia was defeated...

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