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Why Travel to Cambodia Essay

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  • on June 4, 2014
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Vacation in Cambodia
After the killing field in Cambodia in 1980, my family and I escaped from the genocide regime to live in North Vietnam. I raised and grew up under the Vietnamese communist regime for more than ten years before I came to the United States. Since I have been in the United States for more than ten years, I always went to visit my family in Europe as my parents are living there. But in the past two years when I got laid off from my last job and before I came back to school, I took two months vacation to Cambodia. It was amazing vacation time in my life because, when I first left Cambodia was seven years old. It didn’t give me many memories about Cambodia at that age. But during this two-month visit in Cambodia, it remains in me a lot of good memories. I acknowledge that Cambodia has a lot of good things to live or to stay for: Cambodian people are honest and kind-hearted with sense of humor; there are culture treasures with beautiful architecture of many ancient temples, humid weather gives good opportunity to grow plenty of healthy delicious tropical fruits, vegetables, and foods to eat.
One of the first things, you will notice about Cambodia is the kind-hearted and honest people. Most of Cambodian people are Buddhist. They believe in karma, “what goes around comes around”; they believe that if someone has done something good, he or she will receive a good thing; in contrast, if someone has done something bad, she or he will receive a bad thing in their life. So, as the power of the belief, they try all their best to do a good thing to the people surround them, in order to receive a good thing for this life or for the next life. For example, if you get lost and go to them for the direction or for any help; they are happy to give you water to drink or share food to eat before they show you the direction. I realized that they did this to every person and tourist as long as they expect you are a good person. It didn’t matter who you are, where you...

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