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Why We Care If Tuberculosis Is Drug Resistant? Essay

  • Submitted by: henfen
  • on February 19, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Why We Care If Tuberculosis Is Drug Resistant?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Why we care if Tuberculosis is Drug Resistant
Henry Fenmore
Tuberculosis is affecting over 80% of the Asian and African populations and 10% of the European and United States populations. This deadly disease has been affecting people for hundreds of years and caused an exuberant amount of deaths until the development of adequate antibiotics in the late 20th century. But one of the many problems of this treatment is that these bacteria can develop drug resistant strains if the bacteria is not completely killed off or wrong types of antibiotics are prescribed. Many drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis have been developed in developing countries like Russia and African nations. The spread of drug resistant Tuberculosis is a medical crisis because this type of TB can not be treated by conventional antibiotics, deadly TB strains can mutate from there drug resistant strains, and could lead to development of other drug resistant diseases.
One of the main factors that must be focused on is that if TB becomes drug resistant is that we will have no way of fighting it until an alternative method can be formulated to combat the disease. Although there is currently research being done on new ways to fight pathogens, if a drug resistant TB were to spread throughout the United States a crisis would break out because we would have little to no way to treat it and millions of Americans would die. Tuberculosis would rise to become one of the most deadly diseases and because it is a pathogen that is very contagious and is easily spread through the air we breath. If alternative ways are not found to treat TB a deadly epidemic could break out.
Another reason that a drug resistant strain of TB could be deadly to the human population is that it could form a much more deadly strain from mutation that is also drug resistant. With rapid mutations occurring because of drug resistance and spread the chances of an increasing deadly strain pose a certain threat to our society. Although...

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