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Wikipedia Essay

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Currently, using Wikipedia for students' research has become a serious educational proposition. Denning et al (2005:152)report that "Wikipedia provides a fast and flexible way for anyone to create and edit encyclopedia articles without the delay and intervention of a formal editor or review process". Anthony claim that approximately seven million people have registered as user accounts in Wikipedia, add a large number of unregistered contributors. Anthony et al (2009). Even though Wikipedia is widely used by students, it is difficult to establish whether or not this is beneficial for students' research. Since there is a trend for students to use online encyclopaedia as their source, it is interesting to study the beneficial of Wikipedia for students' research. This essay will assert that Wikipedia can be useful to introduce students to a topic and motivate for inspiration, however, not use in academic research and assessments. The essay begins with the benefits of Wikipedia, and then compare the disadvantages. Finally, probably discuss the extent for students' research.
Wikipedia can be used to find background information in students' research. Students can read considerable amount of related materials to help them to understand the topic when they started a research, which is the foundation to lead them to get a higher level of research. This point coincided with what Lim (2009) describes as there is a trend for a large number of students to use Wikipedia to search the information of topic. This term is used by Chandler& Gregory(2010:249),students should be taught to use the Wikipedia as the primary and secondary references, which can improve their ability of critical thinking and brain storm. According to Xiao& Askin (2012) claim that a platform can be offered to students for discussing the published articles, which can cultivate the research community on the topic. Firstly, Wikipedia is easy to understand and suitable for surface study. With that, it would also...

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