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Willie Lynch Essay

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18 February 2014
Psychology 251
Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of a Slave
The purpose of this letter was written to establish how slave owners can break down Negros and make them slaves. It is amazing how the words that Willie Lynch spoke hundreds of years ago are still relevant today. In his speech, he emphasized taking the difference between slaves and exploiting them. Lynch used fear, envy, and distrust for control mechanisms. The slave owners knew the potential that the slaves had, however they possessed the missing ingredient, which was mind control. If you can control a slave’s mind by making them hate each other instead of loving each other, you have completely won the battle. Light skinned slaves were put against dark skinned slaves, and males were put against females. This was done while distracting them from what really mattered, which is called black unity.
In the paragraph “Let’s Make a Slave,” it was focusing on the process of man breaking and slave making. This means that that our black men are forced to become more of a servant that helps the white man lynch our slaves. It also focused on human nature, and slave nature. Human nature is people that have a control over their life styles. On the other hand, slave making is black people that have control over their life. By making a slave this way, it is making them depend on the white man for everything. They will have a mindset that doing things on their own is impossible.
In the paragraph “Cardinals Principles for making a Negro,” it was focusing on how to put the fear into our future generations. They are trying to make-up a master plan, in order to show how they are going to release the fear to the future. They compare black people also known as “niggers” down. Moreover, at this point they will have the power to break the future down. That is why in my generation now it is harder for us to get that slave mindset and learn how to control our own minds.
In the paragraph “The Breaking...

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