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With All Due Disrespect Sir Essay

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  • on February 20, 2013
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With All Due Disrespect Sir
In the United States Navy, sailors are leaving earlier and earlier, most finishing one contract and then leaving. These sailors’ reasons can vary from finding better job opportunities to wanting to further their education with their G.I. Bills. However, a rising reason for leaving is due to unhappiness in the work environment. A common complaint that they have is the disrespect that some officers will show them due to various reasons depending on the officer. While the disrespect may be deserved on some cases, it is still uncalled for if it personally affects the target sailor. Just because officers are trained in leadership courses does not make them superior as a human over enlisted sailors.
      The only difference between officers and enlisted is the four years of college they attended. They go through the same physical standards, both are expected to do their job to the best of their ability, and both have lives outside of their work that can affect them. Officers and enlisted personnel are human beings and deserve basic respect between each other. Yes officers are entitled a certain amount of respect because of their rank, but should not abuse that fact because of a superiority complex they may have. Leaders are supposed to understand this and be able to treat their sailors with respect; otherwise sailors can begin to digress in all aspects of their lives. If someone was to go to work and be ridiculed or disciplined twenty four hours a day, then it’s bound to have negative mental repercussions on them. This digression, while not at the fault of boot camp, can start from the very beginning of their careers.
From day one of boot camp new recruits are verbally abused to break them down. This break down is used to force recruits to adapt to the military way of life. While not the most positive way to do so, it is still effective over short periods of time. This is not the case if sailors are exposed to it over longer periods....

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