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Withholding or Withdrawing Treatments in Hospice Essay

  • Submitted by: bayocrown50
  • on February 22, 2013
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Withholding or Withdrawing Treatments in Hospice Care

Bayo Adejuwon

Liberty University Online

NURS 519
Fall 2011, D-02
Submitted to:
Dr. Susan Tasker
December 14, 2011

The choice to withhold or withdraw treatments from terminally ill patients have always been a
difficult one to make and an ethical one to say the least. Should treatments be withheld or
withdrawn from a critically-ill patient at the end of life? Patients and families are faced with the
decision to withhold or withdraw treatments. The question most people are asking is whether
withholding or withdrawing treatment is killing. Are terminally ill patients being helped to live
longer at the expense of their comfort and dignity?   Are we denying terminally ill patients chance
to live longer or recover fully by not using an artificial means to support life? Answers to
questions like these are the subject of this study. The life sustaining treatments applied to patients
at the end of life are examined. Examination of elective intubation and mechanical ventilation,
dialysis, antibiotic and artificial nutrition and hydration are covered. Factors affecting decision to
withhold or withdraw treatments in hospice care are revealed. The necessity to have a spoke
person or a surrogate, and the process involved in choosing the person that makes life support
decision was visited. The review of benefits, risks and advanced healthcare directives are
covered. The role of treatment team including the physicians and nurses, patients and families,
and steps to discuss or communicate withholding or withdrawing therapy are explored.
Examination of several literatures indicated that withholding or withdrawing treatments may
occur when benefits of its continued use outweigh its associated burden (Matzo & Sherman,

The advancement in modern medicine are now making people living longer and the
populations of older American are...

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