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Woodrow Wilson in the Eyes of Thomas Bailey Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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Woodrow Wilson in the view of Thomas Bailey
Thomas A. Bailey was a well-pronounced writer during his time.   He has a two volume set about Woodrow Wilson as the person, president, and politician of his time.   The first of the two volumes is Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace; and later preceding this book was Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal.   The first volume dealt with Woodrow Wilson as a peacemaker in the Paris Peace Conference with the other varying countries that were also included in the war. Thomas A. Bailey’s next book shows Wilson and how the United States betrayed him and his efforts, and the Treaty of Versailles, which included the League of Nations he tried to shape.   Things didn’t end up working out for Woodrow Wilson in the long run and many people of the United States were turned against him by rumors of the treaty and what it contained and actually meant.   After the conference he comes back as “the Messiah from Paris,” then it ends with Wilson and his departure from the White House. Bailey bashes on Wilson early in his book portraying Wilson as a lazy, strong-headed man.   It takes Wilson nineteen days to submit the pact with an appropriate message. But in a sense, Bailey also backs Wilson and shows that his ideas have truth, just not the right person, being Wilson, says them.  
Thomas A. Bailey was taught, taught, wrote, and died all near Stanford.   Basically he spent sixty years all together at and around Stanford.   He was completely devoted to his studies and never let anything distract him.   He stayed out of fraternities and the “basic university life.” One can almost say Bailey was obsessed with research and scholarship.   Bailey struck others as a shy and retiring man; He often kept to himself.   He disliked living in Hawaii because he felt “there was an atmosphere over there that was not friendly to scholarship and research.” He met his wife in Hawaii though, Sylvia Dean.   As soon as the opportunity came to go back to Stanford, he hopped...

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