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Workout Plan

  • Submitted by: LevB4Lev
  • on February 27, 2014
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Monday - Full Back and Biceps
Do Upright rows with ez curl bar for the upper back and “the back of your shoulders”
The best bicep workouts I’ve found is, Curling the ez bar 8 reps or as much as you can then jumping straight into bicep overhead crossover, Doing these together one set after another with little bit or no rest, will fucking really kill.
The do reverse curls to build forearms and biceps at the same time.
Tuesday – Chest and Triceps
The best I can suggest is Dumb bell press, do both Flat, decline and incline, one right after the other, then go up 5lbs, keep doing this until u can’t go up anymore weight.
The Incline Chest fly’s, dude I swear, do this incline with as much “safe “ weight as you can and it will grow your chest.
For triceps, the best exercise is Dips, using your own body weight for as many as you can do and then add weights with a belt to make it harder.
Doing Skull Crushers with an Ez bar is another amazing mandatory triceps workout.
Wednesday – Legs
Leg Press – 8 Reps, and when your doing the reps “Pump them Hard” and make sure your legs “almost or just before touch your chest” Check online for a better visual reference.
Dead Lift – Very important exercise, Check online for proper form.
Calf raises - Go down low and then all the way up and hold. Then use your body weight to do as many as you can, and then jump straight back into weights for calf raises.
Thursday – Shoulders and Abs
Dumb bell Shoulder press, Reverse Pec deck, Front Dumb Bell Raises.
Abs till Failure, decline crunches, and flutter kicks.
Friday – Repeat Biceps and Triceps
Repeat Arm workouts to have the arms the lady’s want, this can also be your “full body day”.
Repeat any other body part that isn’t sore, but focus on the arms.

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